It is my wish to be of service to you in the improvement of your life. I want to help you fly and


Dreams are like balloons

Dreams make you feel lighter. Have you ever felt this way?

They come in different colors and every shape you can think of.

But they can fly away if you don’t hold on to them.

I believe that people can live with more joy and less stress.

I believe that we can all make our dreams come true.

I believe that we can all learn what we want to learn.

I believe we are all on the same ship and we need to help each other.

Stress is one of the first things many of us have to deal with in order to become heroes to ourselves.

So I wrote this little book.

According to various studies, humor can help you relax, boost your immune system, reduce pain, and even lower your blood pressure.

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Who am I

My name is Marek Porubsk√Ĺ and my vision is to be a support for as many people as possible in achieving their goals and dreams. 

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